Weird Food News: Salad Worms, Cheeseburger Sandals, and Jameis "Soda Bandit" Winston

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Our momma always told us not to play with our food, but we sure as hell can't stop laughing at it! From catching Jameis Winston stealing soda at Burger King to the always classy Waffle House parking lot sex, this is a round up of the weirdest food news we could get our hands on. And remember don't chuckle with your mouth full. It's dangerous!

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Jameis Winston allegedly stole soda from a Burger King last year

OJ Simpson's downfall was not the bloody glove, and Jameis Winston's downfall apparently won't be this allegation of rape. But perhaps, like OJ, what will get Winston will be something a few steps down the criminal ladder? I.E. stolen soda from a Burger King. According to Sports Illustrated, a Burger King employee notified police claiming that the FSU quarterback was stealing soda. Winston, in the company of three other men, did not order any food. Instead they purportedly grabbed miniature ketchup cups and filled them with soda. Soda banditry is a serious problem.

A worm was found in a Wendy's BLT salad

Everyone knows BLT stands for bacon, lettuce, and tomato, but the Wendy's BLT salad adds another secret ingredient. Really, it should be called a BLTW salad. W, of course, to stand for worm. The customer had picked up two salads from the Wendy's drive thru in Hollywood. She took one bite when she tasted something sour. She spit it out and claims she saw what looked like a worm. The couple claim to have unearthed another worm when they went digging through the iceberg lettuce. The woman says she became violently ill and rushed to the hospital. But you know what they say, it's better to find a worm in your Wendy's BLT salad than finding a half-eaten worm in your Wendy's BLT salad.

Drunk couple caught having sex at a Waffle House

Someone's putting pheromones in the Waffle House syrup again! A couple was found in the parking lot making the beast with two backs in a pick-up truck. When the cops came to break them up, the female confused a cheeseburger for her shoe and tried to put it on as if it were a sandal. She later blew a .216 into the breathalyzer. Ah, l'amour.

Van crashes into a Taco Bell, and the Taco Bell won

City building inspector Noell Bell was at a Taco Bell in Northwest Florida Wednesday afternoon. He was checking that the infrastructure was up to code when a Chevy van crashed into the building. According to The Destin Log, a white Chevy van rear-ended a smaller vehicle before it hit the corner of the Taco Bell. The van landed in the drive-thru lane. The airbags were deployed and three people were transported to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. The restaurant remained in full operation serving patrons cheesy gordita crunches and crunch wrap supremes. The vehicle's front bumper was found 50 feet away in the bushes. No roof leaks? Check. No gas leaks? Check. Withstand a van crashing into it? Check.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.