Wendy's Removes Soda From Kids' Meals

Wendy's Removes Soda From Kids' Meals

Fast food chain Wendy's is the latest restaurant to start serving healthier options to children.

According to USA Today, the announcement was made by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) , a Washington D.C.-based consumer advocacy organization that provides consumers with health and well-being information.

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In a statement, CSPI senior nutrition policy counsel Jessica Almy said, "Restaurants should not be setting parents up for a fight by bundling soda with meal options designed for kids. Wendy's is taking a responsible step forward that will improve children's health and make it easier for parents to make healthy choices for their children. We hope Burger King, Applebee's, IHOP, and other chains follow suit."

The publicly-traded company has discontinued offering soda as a publicized option for their kids' meals, but will continue to serve sodas on request. That means that official kiddie drink options on the menu board will include water, apple juice, milk, and chocolate milk, but parents can opt to include soda upon ordering their meal.

Of course, a Frosty, Wendy's signature cross between a shake and soft serve ice cream, is also available as a drink option.

Wendy's joins fast food giants like Subway, Arby's, Chipotle, Panera, and McDonald's. According to CSPI, Burger King, Applebee's, and IHOP have yet to hop on the healthy kid bandwagon and continue to offer sugary sodas as a drink option for children.

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