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West Palm's Pizza Girls Celebrate Turning Sweet 16

Ah! A girl's sweet 16 is a special coming-of-age celebration. This party, marking the transition into adulthood, has over time become a bit of a spectacle. The days of it being small parties at home have turned into full-on "bridezilla"-like monstrosities in hotels, boats, and/or halls with extravagant, thematic productions deflating many a father's wallet.

Thankfully not all of these celebrations have to be so invariably disproportionate so as to offset the economies of developing nations. No. Sometimes cooler heads prevail. Jen Morales and Phoebe Reckseit, the Pizza Girls, are collectively celebrating their business' transition into "adulthood" and are being very adult about it.

This month, the month of their birth, they will feature an extra-large pie from their gourmet menu as the pizza of the day for, you guessed it, a mere $16.

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The Pizza Girls have forged a solid identity on the Clematis strip with their popular gourmet pizzas as well as their solid New York-inspired takes on Italian-American cuisine. Easy favorites like the Tribeca Burger Pizza, a decadent combo of bacon cheeseburger on a pie; and the Statue of Liberty, a take on the BLT with ricotta and mozzarella, have made an indelible impression on palates around town. We know the Little Italy certainly has, with its mountainous excess of lasagna and Italian meats denting many a diet plan.

Having launched their Ices & Slices trailer/food truck last summer has only helped increase their profile around the county. Ever the savvy teens, the Pizza Girls are spreading the word daily on the selected celebratory gooey circle of deliciousness with updates on their Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Don't be looking in on the party like some sad sap and instead hang out with the popular girls at least one day this month.

At $16, you're saving quite a bit and helping a legit operation prepare for a lifetime ahead in Palm Beach County.

Pizza Girls is located at 114 Clematis St. in West Palm Beach. Call 561-833-4004 or visit

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Abel Folgar