Ethical Eating

What Happens to Processed Food After You Eat It

Science: Two test subjects swallow pill-sized cameras -- "M2A capsules," they're called, for "mouth to anus." One subject then eats a meal of "processed" foods, and the other eats a meal of "natural" food. (I put those words in scare quotes because all food is both processed and natural. But you get the gist. One of these meals comprises simple ingredients prepared simply, while the other is full of chemicals with unpronouncable Latinate names.) The cameras, each of which is equipped with a tiny light, record the digestive process. Some months later, the subjects switch -- the one who previously ate the "natural" meal now eats the synth crap, the former synthcrappivore eats the healthy stuff.

The digestive disparities between the vids is dispiriting, especially because the synth crap and the "natural" meals are superficially very similar. Blue Gatorade versus Hibiscus "Gatorade"; Top Ramen chicken noodles versus homemade chicken stock with homemade noodles; Gummi Bears versus pomegranate/cherry juice gummy snacks. See for yourself, after the jump... 

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Brandon K. Thorp