What You Might Have Missed In June

Honestly, you should be all caught up on this by now. It's been a whole month, plenty of time to read the single greatest food blog in South Florida. But just in case you haven't been a super-faithful reader, here's some of the best blogging of June on Clean Plate Charlie.

Not only does Charlie give you the scoop on the best places to eat and avoid, He'll also hook you up with lessons on how to do it yourself at home. Vietnamese burgers anyone?

Has the recession beat down your libido? Is your partner not interested in you anymore? Maybe Meals To Get Laid By can help.

If you're not getting laid, you might need some comfort food. Here's a hearty endorsement for Toasted Corn, a snack that is more delicious than it sounds.

Don't get lost when evesdropping on old-tyme cooks anymore, thanks to the handy Olde-Tyme Diner Lingo guide.

And finally, an open letter to the foodies of South Florida on what we can learn from the New Orleans food scene.

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