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What's New for the Holidays? Some Drink Links

Get Crafty: Craft booze is booming, according to Good Magazine, as a result of the recession: "The Second Great Depression has been just as effective as the first at driving Americans into the soothing arms of a strong drink. Only this time around, our options for getting tanked are a lot more interesting." Turns out, Florida has a handful of distilleries are doing their thing, including Palm Ridge Whiskey, some of which will be carried by The Rebel House when it opens in January. Interest in who's making hooch in your home state? Check out this map.

Can It: I've seen prosecco in a can, yet The New York Times tells us that more canned wine is on the way. With muscat's named Infinite Monkey Theorem and Flasq selling Chardonnay and Merlot in an aluminum bottle, it's a marketing method that could sex up wine's stuffy image.

Hot Dog in a Drink: Check out the Harry Caray, the drink that tastes like a Chicago 'dawg made with Aquavit, inspired by Jason Wilson's article in The Washington Post, in which he asks if he can be your BFF

Cool Brews: The Santiago de Cuba brew from mid-century, Hatuey (ah-TWAY) has been spotted in Miami, reports Lee Klein in the Miami New Times. Though the name resurged in the mid-90's as a lager, the most recent debut is a pale ale coming out of Greenville, South Carolina with a flavor profile similar to the original Cuban brew. Read the rest of the story here.

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