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What's the Drama Behind Domenick's in Weston?

It was a bit of a challenge finding the new Domenick's Pizzeria in Weston, only in part because it is hidden in a plaza off a main drag, tucked behind a synagogue and squeezed between a beauty salon and Sylvan Learning center. As of presstime, one website claims it is named "Piazza DelVecchio." Even the sign atop the restaurant refers to it as only "Piazza." And though its physical address is 2600 Glades Circle N., big white vinyl numbers stuck on the door will lead you to believe you're at 1100. Hmmm. 

But once you get there, you'll be glad you put forth the effort. The selections range from more than three dozen types of pizzas to just about any Italian dish and hoagie you could think of. And the ambiance in this brightly lit, 5,000-square-foot space is just downright fun, from the monstrous fountain located smack-dab in the middle of the main dining room to the display cases loaded with prismatic gelato and Italian ices and glistening Italian pastries to the wood-burning brick pizza oven.

As for the name change, a server let slip that the owner, Domenick DelVecchio, left his beloved 9-year-old DelVecchio's Pizzeria at the Weston Town Center behind with someone who was "sort of a partner, but not really any longer," and, thus, he had to change the name of the new venture. And, according to her, much of the staff came along with him.

Now I'll be the first to tell you Domenick's won't be putting Casa D'Angelo out of business, but it's the kind of place that locals will really, really want to succeed. First, it's perfect for families, since even picky kids will have plenty to choose from. And the prices aren't unreasonable. Appetizers, hearty salads, and paninis/heroes average about $7.95, pizzas range from about $3.75 per slice to $26.95 for a Sicilian-style pie made with fried calamari, and pasta dishes and other entrees range from $9.95 for a basic baked ziti or ravioli to $22.95 for the zuppa di pesce.

Plus, diners would be hard-pressed to find any Italian joint in town with a more thorough menu, as Dom's is a whopping six-pager. I didn't have the stomach space to try some of the more outlandish offerings, including a coconut shrimp appetizer, escarole and cannelloni bean side, pizza made with buffalo chicken, nor the tortini (amaretto and rum ice cream covered in macaroon), but my Giovanni's Delight pizza with pepperoni, sausage, homemade mozzarella, Pecorino Romano, and oven-roasted potatoes was nothing to kick out of bed. The same goes for the rice ball, crispy on the outside and stuffed with the perfect blend of peas, tomato sauce, ground beef, and gooey cheese. The chicken marsala was boring, at best, but it would curb a craving. And somehow I managed to suck down nearly an entire rum raisin cannoli too. 

It was definitely worth putting my butt in the car to visit. Listen, folks, the $9.99 special at the pizza chains may sound appealing nowadays, but consider forgoing those and supporting a local small business like Domenick's. The bill may be a little higher, but there's just something great about getting a smile and word of thanks from the owner on your way out the door. I can promise you'll never get that from one of those pockmarked teen delivery boys in a red hat unless you tip with Benjamins.

Domenick's Pizzeria is located at 2600 Glades Circle N. in Weston. Call 954-659-7778, or visit domenickspizzeriaweston.com.

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