What's Your Ideal Hamburger?

One of my friends -- we'll call him the esteemed Dr. Niles -- recently posted a question on Facebook that had a bunch of people talking. The question goes, "your ideal hamburger... what's on it? how's it cooked? bun type?... go!!"

Naturally, few can resist this type of inquiry. What is an ideal burger? Is it a thick, chefy concoction with braised short ribs and truffles? Or is it a simple griddle-cooked patty, topped with only ketchup and mustard? The answers some people gave are as varied as they are interesting. Among the highlights: 

"It really depends on my mood... but bacon makes every burger better."

"You're right, bacon does make everything better."

"Cooked medium well... i want lettuce, loaded with pickles, cheese,

bacon, peanut butter, m&ms, maybe some guacamole? :) ,mmm!!!"

"I want me a medium burger on a poppy seed bun bacon mushroom and cheddar cheese. pickles... i just described Char Hut... tee hee"

"Medium rare patty, freshly ground, about 1" thick and griddle charred outside

with lots of kosher salt. A potato bun toasted inside and soft on top.

Melted cheddar cheese. Maybe some caramelized onion. Bacon kills the

burger flavor, for me."

"Two patties Medium. Five slices of bacon, sharp cheddar, fried onion

straws, spicey bbq sauce, ketchup, mayo, shredded lettuce, on a sesame

seed bun!"

Can you guess which one is mine?

Now I pose the same question to you: What is your ideal hamburger? Be

specific with technique, meat, cheese, and bun type. Let's see whose

sounds the best.

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