Whisky in a Can
Whisky in a Can
Scottish Spirits Ltd

When Beer Isn't Enough - Try Whisky In A Can

Picture this - it's a warm Saturday afternoon in Ft. Lauderdale and you've spent the day doing some work around the house.  Now it's time to relax so you pop the top off a cold one and guzzle down a refreshing mouthful of... whisky? 

Panamanian based Scottish Spirits Ltd. will soon distribute Whisky in a Can. Each can is 12oz, which means that there are about eight shots of whisky in each can. It's unclear at this time whether Whisky in a Can is meant to be shared by a few friends or guzzled in a frat boy initiation stunt. 

Even though the company is called Scottish Spirits, the company points out that this is whisky and not Scotch, since Whisky in a Can is not made in Scottland.  The company also plans to market Tequila in a Can, Rum in a Can, Gin in a Can and Vodka in a Can. 

Right now Whisky in a Can is available only in the Caribbean and South America, but plans to bring it to market in the United States are underway.  Scottish Spirits is a pretty innovative (or insane) company, since it also plans to market an alcohol-free whisky. Because we only drink whisky for the "taste"......riiighhht.... 

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