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Where to Work: Best and Worst Restaurants Chains

This month, the Restaurant Opportunities Center United ranked nearly 200 national restaurants in an effort to alert consumers where they can go to patronize more socially conscious chains. The report is also a shout out to the growing numbers of workers in the hospitality industry. 

Restaurants are graded according to five criteria: 
  • Advancement. If 50% or more of its employees have ever moved up in a position.
  • Tipped Wages. An employee earns more than $5 an hour aside from tips.
  • Untipped Wages. An employee earns $9 or more an hour.
  • High Road Restaurant. A restaurant belongs to ROC.

Most restaurants earns zeroes in each category including Starbucks, California Pizza Kitchen,Cheesecake Factory, and Chik-Fil-A. A handful eke by with an offer of paid sick leave. After the jump, the best and worst chains for employees.

The Best
Bonefish Grill and Chipotle both offer paid sick days, earning zeros for other categories.
Five Guys offers the most opportunity for advancement as well as paid sick leave, earning the organization's highest prize for working conditions.

The Worst
Olive Garden, Capital Grille, and Red Lobster each earn zeroes across the board and are currently in lawsuits for discrimination and wage theft.

What says you? Is the criteria bunk or do you think it's about time a group gave voice to hospitality folks?

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