Where We Were Eating: Guanabanas

OK, so this week's Where Are We Eating? was a bit easy. Reader Goombah Mickey (ha ha) nailed it: The image to the left is of Guanabanas, Jupiter's own subtropical seafood haven.

This Key West-style restaurant is shrouded in foliage and well-manicured scenery, making it feel like a secluded island resort. Considering how far north Jupiter is from most of us, that image isn't far off. A weekend trip up to Guanabanas punctuated by a few cocktails and some live steel drum music can make even the most jaded Floridian feel like a tourist in their own backyard. Add to that an array of fresh fish, fried goodies like conch fritters, smoked fish dip, steamed clams, burgers, sandwiches, and more, and this informal spot is a great destination for shifting your perspective outh (read: towards the islands).

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Congrats to Goombah (lol again). We'll send you out a New Times swag package.

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