Where We Were Eating: Rok:Brgr
Dori Zinn

Where We Were Eating: Rok:Brgr

Yesterday's GWWE entry may or may not have been a little too easy, according to the commenters. Alas, we got a winner! And we were eating at Rok:Brgr, one of the newest additions to downtown Fort Lauderdale.

After choosing from more than 30 craft beers, gander over the burgers -- at least a dozen to choose from -- and be sure to warn your stomach beforehand. Ten ounces may not seem like much, but wait until it's piled with chili, cheese, jalapeños, and sour cream. Also known as the "D Wade." ($12)

What could very well be the ultimate comfort-food atmosphere in the corner of a relatively sheik downtown Fort Lauderdale crowd, Rok:Brgr is relaxing. So relaxing that after you stuff your face, you may feel compelled to lie down in a booth. It happens to the best of us.

If I couldn't sell you on the burgers or beer, take a look for yourself at our slide show of food porn.

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