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Where Were We Eating: Caliente Kitchen Delray Beach

Kirsta, you nailed it: The pic at the right was snapped at Caliente Kitchen in Delray Beach.

This new Mexican nightspot/restaurant aims to take the same sort of juiced-up energy of Rocco's Tacos and turn it loose on Delray's Atlantic Avenue. It's decked in wood, spurs, sharp angles, and scrap metal, giving it a very Deadwood chic sort of look. Furthering the "hot" theme is an ever-glowing red sheen splayed loose across the restaurant's interior.

The food is pretty straightforward Tex-Mex: soft flour or hard corn tacos with ground beef, shredded chicken/pork, or fish; chile rellenos, flautas, and skirt steak complete the bigger dishes. Said tacos are most worth it during happy hour, when they drop from $10-plus per platter of three to $2 a pop. Like most "hip" new Mexican joints, guacamole is served big and comes at a premium price ($12 an order -- sheesh). And chips and salsa are not complimentary either (they're $5 a go and just so-so as far as that stuff goes).  

Congrats again to Kirsta, and look for more on Caliente in the future.

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