Whole Foods Market's New Chain Will Be Called 365

Whole Foods Market has just announced the name of its new, streamlined brand that promises a more value-oriented shopping experience.

The new chain will be called 365, a nod to Whole Foods' 365 brands of private label foods. The stores, which will start popping up in 2016, will offer lower price points on natural and organic products while still meeting the company's strict standards on sustainable fishing and antibiotic-free meats.

The company also announced the appointment of Jeff Turnas as president of 365. The 20-year Whole Foods Market veteran has served in many capacities, including as president of the company's North Atlantic and U.K. regions. In a statement, Turnas said, “We are excited to introduce 365 by Whole Foods Market to bring healthy foods to even more communities with a fresh, quality-meets-value shopping experience that’s fun and convenient. A modern, streamlined design with innovative technology and a carefully curated product mix will offer an efficient and rewarding way to grocery shop."

Although there are no renderings of what the store's prototypes will look like, Turnas describes them as "fresh, bright, with the right amount of technology." And if you're thinking that this will be just Whole Foods in a smaller format, think again. The newly minted president of 365 adds, "This is not a dumbed-down version of Whole Foods."

In a series of videos posted on the new 365WFM.com site, Turnas says that the stores are full-service locations where you can do all your shopping.

The stores, which are touted as bringing high-quality fresh food at value pricing, could be Whole Foods' answer to Trader Joe's, which gives shoppers quality, privately branded goods at value pricing — all the while offering a fun, customer-driven experience. Turnas himself says that the new 365 stores will "bring fresh, healthy food to communities that we wouldn't have been able to with a Whole Foods Store."

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