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Whole Foods Seeking to Hire Its First Brewmaster

Whole Foods Market has always carried a unique selection of craft beers, but now it looks as if the supermarket chain is getting into the business of making its own brew.

To do it, the Texas-based chain wants to hire its first brewmaster to make beer in-house at one of its stores.

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In an advertisement seeking a brewmaster posted on February 28, Whole Foods needs someone with at least three years of brewing experience, and at least two years of lead brewing, to manage brewing operations and brew beer using a seven-barrel system at one of its supermarkets in Houston, Texas.

The deadline to apply for the job is March 23, with a start date of May 1. But there may be more than one brewing job at Whole Foods, as the job description also includes training assistant brewers.

Whole Foods has always been keen on providing consumers with a selection of craft beers, which has continued to grow since craft beer became popular. But now the supermarket wants to take it a step further by becoming a brewpub too.

Think of it as having a small café where customers get their coffee made on the spot in front of them, except for beer.

For now, as far as fresh beer goes, growler filling stations have been installed at some locations, such as the Whole Foods in Coral Springs.

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