Why You'll Never Eat Dippin' Dots Again, Why Athletes Eat Real Food Now, and Why Women Don't Run Restaurants

This morning, we've round up some Sunday links to keep you reading past noon.

On the day of the New York City Marathon, here's a link to illuminate why athletes are back to eating real food again.

More after the jump.

Only two women chefs made the top twenty or so named restaurants in Esquire's best new restaurants this year, with one of them South Florida's very own Paula DaSilva. Here's a discussion on why we're not seeing more women taking the helm in the (restaurant) kitchen.

With Thanksgiving soon approaching, food pages are stepping up with kitchen helplines and recipes, including this one from 1969 the former New York Times food editor Craig Claiborne called, "one of the most bizarre recipes for stuffing ever printed."

Words of wisdom from Andy Rooney on food, and this one on wine: "If you can afford it, don't buy it."

For fans of The Road and No Country for Old Men, among others: Yelping with Cormac McCarthy.

Dippin' Dots files Chapter 11.

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