Will Ferrell Is The New Old Milwaukee Beer Spokesperson (Video)

We love Will Ferrell. Not only is he funny, but he's a marathon runner, an internet genius (check out funnyordie.com), and a pro-bono beer lover.

According to AdWeek, Ferrell approached Daren Metropoulos, co-owner of Pabst Brewing. Metropoulos told AdWeek,

"Will Ferrell approached Old Milwaukee about creating ads because he's a

big fan of the brand. He was interested in developing something unique

and we gave him the freedom to pursue his creative vision and produce

these spots with a local vibe."

Which is puzzling and amazing at the same time. Some speculate that Ferrell is doing this as an elaborate Funny Or Die scheme. Some tend to think "Hey - why not? He's got money, maybe he likes drinking beer that costs six bucks for a case."

Either way, the commercials, which look like they were shot on a Flip cam with a budge of $27 bucks, are totally awesome. Watch them and tell us - stunt or sincere?

Here's Will hand fishing for catfish in the mighty Mississippi. What does he catch? No fish, but an ice cold Old Milwaukee beer:

In this montage of three commercials filed in Terre Haute, Will says that "It just doesn't get any better than this". Not the birth of his child, not seeing the grand canyon...nope! Nothing tops cracking open a can of Old Milwaukee:

Will Ferrell sits on a log and tells us that when he's not being a Hollywood phony, he's in Davenport, just fishing and drinking Old Milwaukee. Well, he's actually never been to davenport before...but it seems like a good idea:

Poor Will. He's in Davenport, Iowa to sell Old Milwaukee, because Davenport seems like an Old Milwaukee town. But when he tries to actually use all the letters in Davenport in a commercial, he runs out of ideas by the letter "a":

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