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WilliamsWarn Creates World's First Personal Brewery

With the foodie movement in full effect these days, craft beer is all the rage. If you are a regular reader of our popular columns Beer of the Week and Booze Hound, you know what we are alluding to. For those new to the scene (Did you just surface from a bomb shelter?), here's some advice: Please don't be caught dead with a Corona in your hand. Don't know where to start? Blue Moon's a good one for beginners.

"Craft beer?" The phrase sounds as douchey as the word foodie. What does it mean? In layman's terms, it's the opposite of mass-produced beer. More in-depth, the producers leave out a lot of the crap that can normally be found in a Bud or Miller Lite, like chemical preservatives and high fructose corn syrup.

At-home brewing kits have been around for at least 20 years, and we know many a makeshift chemist who's dropped a lot of dough for the stuff. But, since brewing is actually a science, you'd be better off just flushing your $$$ down the toilet. Unless you are a real chemist, the final product's going to have problems: no carbonation, too hoppy, too wheaty, etc...

Thankfully, some smart kiwis have figured out a solution to your problem.

Meet Ian Williams and Anders Warn of WilliamsWarn.

The New Zealand beer experts have revolutionized the world of at-home brewing forever with the world's first personal at-home brewery. The sleek machine is a beauty and guarantees the freshest and most pristine beer every single time -- 23 liters of it, to be exact. The complete brewing process also takes only a total of seven days to produce. Take that, Mr. Beer!

The machine will set you back a pretty penny, but you'll have amazing beer every single time. How much does it cost exactly? NZD $5,660, which translates to USD $4,626. As opposed to the old-school brewing kits (which come in a small box), this machine's big, but we're sure it'll look great in your bachelor/bachelorette pad. Plus, nothing's better than being able to create and name your own beer. Clean Plate Charlie sounds like a crisp, summer lager.

More than ten years in the making, the entire process was simplified by the creators to be idiot-proof. The "WilliamsWarn for Dummies" guide is below:

The WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery from WilliamsWarn on Vimeo.

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