WIN a $10 Publix Gift Card (Thanks, National Deli!)

WIN a $10 Publix Gift Card (Thanks, National Deli!)

Yesterday we told you about how local landmark Jaxson's Ice Cream is turning 55 years old this Saturday -- and having a hot-dog-eating contest to celebrate.

Well, National Deli hot dogs is sponsoring the contest -- the company is providing one-pound, 18-inch dogs for the contest, PLUS donating all the proceeds from hot dogs sales and a raffle and auction

at Saturday's event to the Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital.


Deli must be suffering from a serious case of Givestuffaway-Itis

because it has

ALSO given us one $10 Publix gift card to give away to a

dear Clean Plate Charlie reader.  (Feel free to buy National Deli

products with that card!)

To enter to win, answer these two

questions in the comments field below.

(IMPORTANT: Please use a

real e-mail address when you log in, or post one with the comment, so

that we can contact the winner!  [the weiner?!]) 

1) What is the

name of National Deli's mascot? (Hint: we told you yesterday)


Why did the hot dog cross the road?

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