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Every home and every office in America has one -- the dreaded menu folder. 

You know how it is: You stash away takeout and delivery menus from restaurants you might want to order from. But over time, they get shuffled around, misplaced, or covered in won ton juice and pizza sauce. By now, those menus are nasty, and when the crucial moment arrives -- you come home late, starving, and cranky -- you're too tired to deal with going through them, so you dial Papa John's yet again 'cause you just don't want to deal with the mess.

A new service called has got your back and cleaned up the whole delivery/takeout process.

To use the service, go to and enter your address. It will pull up some nearby restaurants that offer takeout and/or delivery (you can specify which). Menus, hours, and pricing are right there, so you don't have to go clicking around a million other websites.

There's also a GrubHub smartphone app, so this service is literally right at your fingertips.

The pluses: It's simple and easy to navigate. You could probably even use it after a late night on the town, when you come down with a serious case of the drunchies.

The down side: It only features restaurants that are in the GrubHub network -- which, right now, aren't that many in Broward and Palm Beach counties. (I ran our address -- in downtown Fort Lauderdale -- and it came back with eight options. I also tested my stepdad's Lake Worth address and it came back with four.) That said, this may encourage you to expand your horizons and try one of the partner restaurants instead of your old standby.  I should note that the system is really designed to serve Miami (and 18 other major cities including Chicago, where it is based). One Miami address I tested came up with 39 results -- much better. GrubHub has almost 18,000 Facebook likes -- so something must be working. has given us a $25 gift card to give away to a Clean Plate Charlie reader who wants to try the service. To win, tell us below in the comments what your favorite drunchie food is. As always, creativity is encouraged, and be sure to log in with a valid email address (or put it in your comment) so we can notify you if you win.  We'll pick the winner by Friday.

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