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Wine 101: How to Taste Wine With Andrew Lampasone of Wine Watch

You've heard it before: Wine is like a metaphor for life. As cheesy and pompous as it sounds, it's actually kind of true.

Take the same exact grape, grow it in different terroir -- that's wine-speak for growing place -- with different growing methods, fermentation techniques, or bottling procedures and you're going to end up with a completely different wine.

While the average wine drinker might not be able to notice the difference, one definitely exists. In preparation for our upcoming Pairings event on September 26, we figured you'd like to learn how to distinguish among the finer points of wine.

To help teach you how to taste wine properly and pick up on the individual distinctions, we spoke to Andrew Lampasone of Wine Watch about the basics of tastings.

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"Today, winemaking is a little more involved than freak of nature," says Lampasone. "In even the worst of vintages, great wines are made. Technology plays a huge role in the cultivation of vineyards, leading to the creation of the best wines that the Earth's bounty has ever offered."

Though hundreds of publications examine and analyze wines from across the world, there are essentially five basic steps that can help you determine the quality and characteristics of the wine you are drinking if you with visual and aromatic evaluation.

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