"Wine Down" or "Rev Up" With Happy Hour of the Month at B Ocean Fort Lauderdale

"Wine Down" or "Rev Up" With Happy Hour of the Month at B Ocean Fort Lauderdale

We all know how a long workday can take its toll. So what better way to destress than with a glass of wine or a killer cocktail?

Lucky for us South Floridians, the B Ocean Hotel restaurants, B'Stro and SAIA, agree -- and have organized a special happy-hour menu to make getting into the fall groove a little easier.

Now, every weekday -- starting today -- the hotel will feature a special discounted happy hour. First, "Wine Down" at B'Stro, where you can enjoy five samplings of wine from around the world for only $5, along with a complimentary plate of artisanal cheeses. 

We love the selection of both wines and cheeses, which are poured from a state-of-the-art dispenser that delivers you a sip, taste, or glass at just the right temperature. And the 11 specialty cheeses make for a perfect pairing no matter what you choose.

Not quite satisfied? Meander across the lobby and "Rev Up" at SAIA, where you can enjoy $3 premium rail drinks, $5 beers, and $5 signature cocktails. Luckily, that's half-off favorites like the Ruby Foo, a tantalizing blend of fresh basil, strawberries, sake, and vodka topped with ginger ale. 

A personal favorite: the Hello Kitty, a spicy-sweet treat made with Tyku citrus liquor and a flavorful housemade ginger soda.

Yeah, getting out of work just got a little bit sweeter...

Wine Down and Rev Up Happy Hour 

Monday through Friday
Wine Down at B'stro (5:30 to 7 p.m.)
Rev Up at SAIA (6:30 to 8 p.m.)

B Ocean Hotel Fort Lauderdale
B'stro and SAIA
999 N. Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale 33304

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