Wine Watch Breaks Out Secret Stash of Vintage Port

Wine Watch Breaks Out Secret Stash of Vintage Port

​December is usually a down month at Wine Watch. This December is different.

In fact, it'll be the best tasting yet. When delving into the flavorful nuances of a fermented beverage, why not just go all the way right off the bat?

Port -- especially vintage port -- is all the way. On your tongue, it's more like a three-way.

The reason is because, paired with the right dessert, there can be nothing finer than a bedazzling port to set you swaggering off into the evening. It's a fine after dinner drink.

Wait -- it's better than that.

Port is to wine what blonde Lebanese hash oil is to a joint of Mexican brown. They both work, but the former is that much more refined.

This stuff has had time to sit and think.

If you love port, then you know that whenever someone's advertising tastings of bottles that date from the Roosevelt administration -- it's so time for a babysitter:

Let's put it this way: the youngest bottle in the batch is 47 years young.

Friday, December 3 at 7 p.m. is when you will be able to experience these vintages from Portugual that are roughly as ancient as Grandpa's first pair of shoes.

Better yet, the victauls offered are, as near as we can tell, perfect for port:

Figs wrapped in bacon in a wine reduction. Duck breast in a red cherry reduction. Charred, yet rare, New York sirloin in the ever-present bleu cheese thing that's going around. Double chocolate cake with drunken cherries. 

For optimum satisfaction, rub your hand together in front of a fireplace, like Mr. Smithers, and say, "Yes, yes, yessssss."

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