Winterfest Boat Parade 2012: Vote for Bartenders in the Cocktail Competition

Boats and cocktails kind of go hand in hand. How many times have you heard about someone going for a tool around the Intracoastal with a cup of coffee? We're guessing never.

Whether it be the hard-drinking reputation of sailors or the champagne-guzzling habits of the wealthy yacht owners, when it comes to spending time on the water, cocktails are a must. 

In keeping with the drinking-and-boating theme, Winterfest Boat Parade is currently holding its annual cocktail competition. If you're a bartender, cocktail connoisseur, or just a hot bartender's groupie, you have a chance to vote for the winning recipe.

Note for bartenders: the contest is still taking entries. More information after the jump.

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At the moment, there are five bartenders competing for spots, but the contest will be taking entries until 11 pm on Thursday night. Current entries are in from The Riverside Hotel, American Social, Big City Tavern, The Downtowner, and Exit 66.

On Friday, November 30, the three bartenders with the most votes will move on to the next round: the mixologist tasting. Hosted at the bar with the most facebook votes, the bartenders will compete for the chance to win, with one of Southern Wine and Spirits expert mixologists. The mixologist will judge the creations based on the name of the drink--which must include the Winterfest name--presentation, originality, ingredients showcased, and taste. The top three entries will be filmed by EyeOnSouth Florida as they are recreated for the judge.

All drinks must feature Absolut Vodka and other Southern Wine and Spirits products.

To submit a recipe or vote for a contestant, click here

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