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Woman Behind Newly Famous Butter-Sugar Cookies Reveals Secrets

"You should sell that." 

People always said that to Lori Saitz about the cookies she baked from an old family recipe. Unlike most of us, the 43-year-old former marketing and PR pro in West Palm Beach actually did. Six years ago she quit her day job at a local radio station, founded Zen Rabbit Baking Co. and began baking her butter-sugar cookies for real.  

Did she have any idea what she was getting into? Uh, no. Did she have a culinary background, business savvy, any idea of what kind of licenses she needed, how much insurance to have, where to find a state-certified kitchen, who to go to for help?

Uh, no again.

So she "just sort of stumbled through it."

Stumbled well enough, apparently, so that the Food Network's Rachael

Ray recently touted her Zen Crunch bars as the Relentlessly Perky One's

"Snack of the Day." 

Now Saitz and "business

therapist" Howard Paris have teamed up for a three-hour seminar on

Saturday called "You Should Sell That." It's designed to give you all

the info you need to keep from stubbing your toes while stumbling

around the darkened room of government requirements, financial

statements, business planning, marketing and distribution, and

everything it takes to be a gourmet food entrepreneur instead of an

about-to-be-laid-off wage slave. 

The seminar (soon to be a

webinar) takes place from 9 a.m. to noon at the Publix Greenwise Market

at Legacy Place in Palm Beach Gardens. It will set you back $67 in

advance or $85 at the door, and you can register by going here. Tell 'em Rachael sent you.

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Bill Citara