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World of Beer Has Big Impact on Promenade Businesses

At the new World of Beer in the Promenade at Coconut Creek, customers can enjoy more than 500 craft beers from places like Belgium and Japan. But the beer bar, which opened earlier this month, actually has no kitchen. Instead, World of Beer has a special arrangement with restaurants located both in and around the Promenade. Drinkers looking to soak up some suds can order food from any of those restaurants, and they'll deliver the meal right there to your seat.

You don't even have to stop drinking. Just flip through World of Beer's 14-page menu, place your order, and wait for your food to arrive.

Given the diversity of dining options at the Promenade, the

arrangement works out better than if World of Beer had a

kitchen of its own. According to General Manager Dereck Eldred, most,

but not all of the restaurants in the Promenade have signed up to be a

part of the service. There are even two eateries outside of the shopping mall,

Pasqualle's Pizza and Medellin Colombian Restaurant, that are

also delivering.

"Customers love it," says Eldred. "Let's say you're on a date and the woman wants sushi and the guy wants

pizza: It's done. You don't have to get up from your seat to eat or

anything. You can just hang out and party and they'll bring it right to you."


beer drinkers aren't the only ones benefiting from this arrangement.

Many other Promenade businesses are seeing a sharp increase in

customers thanks to the arrival of the craft beer bar.


Maltese, co-owner of 160 Degrees/Muffuletta Sicilian Sub House, says

the bar has had a big impact on his business. "Sales, for us

especially, have been very good," says Maltese, whose restaurant is

located next door to World of Beer. "We've never stayed open

past 9 p.m. in the past year that we've been in business. But now we're open until

midnight on every night

except for Sundays, sending food over to the bar."

At the

opposite end of the Promenade, fast-casual restaurant Lime Fresh

Mexican Grill is also seeing a boom in business since the bar arrived. "In

general, we've been increasing our numbers each year," says Lime

General Manager Aaron Atkins. "But since [WoB] has opened, we've seen an

influx in orders, especially toward the end of the night."


has been so good that both restaurants have started stationing wait staff inside of World of Beer itself to take orders firsthand.

160/Muffuletta has had staff running orders back and forth from 6 p.m.

to midnight for the past few weeks. The move, says Maltese, has allowed

his restaurant to take orders and zip them back and forth with even greater


For Lime, a partial-service restaurant without any real wait staff, the process has been much more experimental.


is a totally new thing for us, actually having a person over there to

approach tables and take orders," says Atkins. "We'll probably use a

walkie-talkie to relay orders and are toying with the idea of a portable

credit card swipe to make the process easier."

Atkins says

figuring out the right formula could mean better business in the long

run, both for his store and other Limes. Case in point: The Tampa-based World of Beer

already has another location planned in the Dadeland Mall. And wouldn't

you know it -- it's right next door to a Lime.

No matter how the

service works out in the long run, Atkins is happy how the arrangement

with World of Beer has worked out so far.

"Let's put it this way," he says. "They're a dream neighbor for a restaurant."  

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