World of Beer Opens Today at the Promenade

Ever see that episode of The Simpsons when Homer goes to the Land of Chocolate? That's about how I imagine myself reacting to the World of Beer's official opening today at 2 p.m.: running around like a school-age girl, shrieking at display cases of frosty craft beers, admiring the glassware.

What exactly is World of Beer? The name says it all. The Tampa-based chain of beer bars features more than 500 kinds of craft beer plus live music, monthly cookouts, and tons of local, special events. It's a veritable utopia for South Florida's thirsty beer nuts.

The brews will be ready for drinking by 2 p.m. today, but tonight at 7,

the Coconut Creek store will hold a special opening event that lasts

until 10 p.m. There, you can sip suds while local band LaDemza grooves in

the background.

Although WoB doesn't have its phone number posted yet, you can get in touch with it via Twitter (@wobcoconutcreek) and Facebook.  

We'll have more shortly.

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