Ethical Eating

Wow! Cacao! From Bean to Bar Educational Talk and Tasting

Chances are when you are hardcore jonesing for the sweet combo of theobromine phenethylamine and caffeine that chocolate provides, you haven't really thought about

all that went into getting it from little cacao beans to neatly packaged chocolate bar

at the checkout.

Was it ethically sourced? Grown away from harmful pesticides? Made without the help of child laborers? Free of deforesting culprit Palm Oil? (So many things to consider when you just want something to get over the 3 p.m. slump, huh?)

If you want to learn all that is involved in getting from bean to bar, the food-loving folks over at Thousand Pound Egg are here to help. Join them this Friday during "Wow! Cacao! From Bean to Bar educational talk." The talk and tasting will be led by cacao specialist and farmer Jorge Hernandez of Bonao Cacao.

His family farm in the Dominican Republic has been organic for the last 90 years of its existence. Settle in with some of the shop's red wine and hear about chocolate in its raw state and how it gets to be the food that so many of us obsess over. In the informative talk, Jorge will discuss chocolate's health benefits and even a few tricks of his trade.

"The thing about chocolate is it crosses all lifestyles and types of eaters" says Thousand Pound Egg's Karen Gavrilov. "How many people have actually crunched on a cacao bean in it's whole state? Or know how it gets from the bean to the bar? It's quite a process. So whether you are vegan/raw looking for a super food nutrient burst, or a paleo crossfitter wanting a pure energy pop, an omnivore with a love of ...ummm everything, a gourmand or farm to table seeker wanting to know where your food came from and meet it's maker - there is something for everyone."

After the talk, you'll leave with a wealth of knowledge on chocolate and your very own bag of Bonao Cacao nibs to enjoy.

"We can't promise but we think it'll even make you a hit at parties," Gavrilov says.

Wow! Cacao! From Bean to Bar: Educational Talk and Tasting starts at 7 p.m. and runs until 9 p.m. at Thousand Pound Egg, 908 N.E. 20th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale. Seating is limited. Visit to reserve a spot.

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Terra Sullivan