WSFL Punks Food Network, Pretends It Has a Morning Show

In yesterday's episode of The Next Food Network Star, the show played a trick on its unsuspecting contestants. The network brought four finalists to WSFL to tape segments with South Florida.com Live anchor Dave Aizer, who then punked them by doing stuff like removing all the utensils from the kitchen and switching out ingredients.

But the real prank? WSFL somehow convinced the Food Network that it had a real morning show.

To be honest, the hyper-hoaky Aizer actually did well. He pulled off the pranks fairly well, replacing one contestant's fish with chicken. With another contestant, he kept pretending they were running out of time, then only to say they needed to fill up another minute.

Aizer did occasionally come off as something of a dick. He had his cameraman keep running into one contestant as she tried to stick stuff in the oven, and one guy was forced to hold a microphone while trying to chop vegetables.

Overall, if you consider that there were only four embarrassing moments for the segment, it would actually be considered a pretty good day over at South Florida.com Live.

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