WTF Fact of the Day: Smashburger Ranked America's Most Promising Company

Esquire's Eat Like a Man blog gives us the heads up that according to Forbes, Smashburger is America's most promising company. As you may recall if you haven't been yet, Coral Springs just scored its own branch in early November.

The chain, started by Tom Ryan in 2007, includes 143 locations which pull in $54 million annually. Aside from service incentives that lead to quick pay raises, the actual burger at Smashburger is much of the reason why Forbes gives the chain the nod:

The name Smashburger refers to the process by which its ¼-pound, 1/3-pound and ½-pound burgers are made. It begins with a ball of raw Angus beef, which a grill cook "smashes" with a handheld steel mold onto a butter-brushed grill for ten seconds, giving the patty a caramelized sear to lock in the juices. Then come unconventional toppings like avocado, fried eggs and garlic mushrooms, as well 11 sauces, including chipotle mayo and spicy brown mustard. Buns? Everything from multi-grain to a pretzel roll.

What says you? Have you been to Smashburger? Do you agree with Forbes' call?

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