Wyatt The Kid Food Blogger Dines With Channel 10 Tonight, Sound Familiar?

Even though it was actually three weeks ago, it feels like just yesterday videographer Kate Maier and I were eating lunch with 11-year-old Wyatt at the Flaningan's in Pompano Beach.

Over some cheesy potato skins, larger-than-your-mouth burgers, and double chocolate cake, Clean Plate Charlie documented Wyatt's journalistic process from drink order to dessert. It was his first interview.

However, as avid followers of the tween's self-published blog Wyatt Tastes Good, we almost fell out of our swivel chairs when we read his latest restaurant review at The Whale Raw Bar in Pompano Beach with Channel 10 reporter Janine Stanwood, and cameraman referred to simply as 'Donnie'.

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A "fishing sports bar" with lots of mounted fish, a-la-Flanigans, albeit with a pricier menu, Channel 10's journalist-cameraman duo wine-and-dined the up-and-coming food blogger (minus the wine we hope).

Smiling photos mirror the ones from the post Wyatt uploaded about his interview with us. It was just too soon: only one post about IKEA's Swedish meatballs separates our post from Channel 10's and he gave Janine and Donnie five sporks up (the same amount of sporks he gave to me and Kate, sigh - how fickle the affections of tweens can be).

At Clean Plate Charlie we applaud anyone who wants to delve elbow-deep into the Broward food blogosphere -- especially when you're 11 and don't talk with your mouth full. We are more than excited for Wyatt and his future culinary endeavors, and -- who knows -- potential super-stardom at the rate news crews seem to be jumping on the bandwagon we very proudly ignited.

We'll see if we get a shout-out on his interview that airs tonight at 11 p.m. on Channel 10. Until then, we'll give Janine and Donnie the benefit of the doubt.

In the meantime, you can read our post and watch our video interview with Wyatt. After all, sitting down with the precocious young food writer to share a meal and witness his process was an excellent idea and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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