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Wynkoop to Release Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout Made With Bull Testicles

It's times like these -- when one needs a really good joke about tea-bagging -- that one wishes Clean Plate Charlie had Daniel Tosh on the payroll. Wynkoop Brewing Company out of Colorado announced this week that it will begin nationwide distribution of its infamous Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout. "Rocky mountain oyster," by the way, is a euphemism for deep-fried bull testicles and the beer is brewed with 25 pounds of the local delicacy. Thirsty yet?

Fox News -- who already used all of the good quips about balls -- reports that the brewery will begin nationwide distribution of the beer later this month. It will be sold in cans, but only in two-packs, because Wynkoop is really seeing this joke all the way through.

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Clean Plate Charlie reached out to local beer geek/curmudgeon Joel Kodner for his take on the news. Kodner, a co-host on Florida-based craft beer podcast United We Drink, said the beer was a point of discussion on the latest episode of the podcast. (Download the newest episode of United We Drink.)

"I mentioned on (the January 4) episode about pairing this beer with actual testicles, and the scene in Funny Farm where Chevy Chase realizes he's eating balls," Kodner said.

The beer was originally conceived as an April Fool's joke that the brewery unveiled in a balls-laden video. The joke took on a life of its own and the beer was first served at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver in October of 2012. It's now set to explode on the national scene, but not everyone is ready to grab the bull by the, erm, horns.

"This is the kind of thing that comes off as so transparently gimmicky that I'm immediately turned off by it," Kodner said. "It's nice that it makes national news and a few more people become aware of craft beer, but I can imagine a lot of consumers thinking 'Thanks, but I'll stick with my testicle-free Budweiser.' Which, ironically, has much greater relation to the genitals considering its urine-esque flavor."

Dying to try some beer with testicular fortitude? You're gonna have to get creative in how you find it. John Linn of Brown Distributing said the beer won't make it to Florida, as Wynkoop -- a long-standing brewery with an otherwise strong reputation in the craft community -- isn't available in Florida at this time.

Watch the original spoof video that started it all below. Spoiler alert: Balls aplenty. Consider yourself warned.

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