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Xtreme Indoor Ladies Night - Driving And Drinking Encouraged

Why is Xtreme Indoor Karting in Ft Lauderdale giving away drinks with reduced price racing sessions to ladies on Mondays? Well, it's their ladies night, that's why. Sounds like fun, but the flyer doesn't explain why they're advocating what common sense and MADD tells us is a judgment error of deadly proportions. Apparently when it comes to high performance go karts (according to Xtreme theirs are the fastest indoor karts in the state of Florida) you should do like The Business say and "Knock it back, have another one, drinking and driving is so much fun."

UPDATE: We originally titled this post "Xtreme Ladies Night - Drinking And Driving Encouraged," but upon further research we find that drinking and driving is not in fact encouraged by Xtreme Indoor Karting. Witness, from the Xtreme Indoor Karting Website, "With a full liquor bar, remember, we promote driving and then drinking.  So, come out and race and celebrate your victory..." So there it is folks, Xtreme Indoor Karting encourages driving and drinking, not drinking and driving.

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