Yellow Green Farmers Market Now Has a Vegan Sushi Booth

Sushi is not an item that tends to be easily veganized. Pull out the sea creatures and it's rice, seaweed, and, if you're lucky, a chunk of cucumber. Most eateries aren't particularly creative with fish-free sushi concoctions.

That's why the Fancy-I-Naturals booth at Hollywood's Yellow Green Farmers Market is such a fabulous find. Husband-and-wife team Christopher and Sherine Audouin are now serving freshly made vegan sushi with healthy ingredients like guacamole, quinoa, beets, and other plants.

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In addition to the booth, which is tucked away at the far north end of the market, tables and all, the couple runs a juice and catering company. It was through their work with clients that they saw how much people liked their vegan sushi and decided to set up shop at Yellow Green.

Sherine was a restaurant manager for eight years before embarking on this new endeavor. She has several varieties of sushi creations, including hummus with beets, carrots, and squash and guacamole with cucumber, carrots, and squash. All are made with either quinoa or rice with flax seeds, and it's paired with a homemade Island Sushi sauce. Six rolls run $7.

In addition to healthy, plant-based sushi, they also serve homemade, dairy-free ice cream, sorbet, and fruit smoothies.

The ice cream (which they dub "fruit cream") has a coconut-milk base and comes in flavors including coconut-raisin and strawberry. They add fresh fruits and whip up the final product in an ice cream maker. Sorbets include mango-cranberry and soursop. A small runs $5; a large, $10.

As far as the smoothies, they keep them pure -- no ice, no sugar. Their fruits are vacuum-sealed, and they use green apple juice as a mixer. Smoothies are $6 each.

Pop by and visit Sherine and Christopher the next time you're in Hollywood. They're on-site Saturdays and Sundays at the Yellow Green Farmers Market, 1940 N. 30th Road.

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