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Zinburger Fights Prostate Cancer With Pumpkin Stache Shake

Conceived in 2009 as a fun way of helping in the fight against cancer, No Shave November is the spiritual cousin of the Movember movement. Founded in 2009 by Rebecca Hill and Bret Ringdahl, No Shave November has grown from an initial pool of about 50 Facebook supporters to a nationwide cause. The idea is simple -- instead of spending money in November for personal grooming (razors, creams, salon visits, etc.) -- participants are encouraged to donate that money to their partner, the American Cancer Society.

Over the years, the Hill family, having lost its patriarch in 2007 to cancer, has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars "to ensure that the funds raised in the annual campaign would be distributed to all of the areas that matter to the team: research, prevention, education, and continuing care. With every whisker grown and dollar raised, No Shave November celebrates the hair that many cancer patients lose..."

Cancer is terrible, that much is true, but fighting it doesn't have to be terrible. This month, Sunrise's Zinburger joins the Zero charity in the fight against prostate cancer with its Pumpkin Stache Shake.

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The popular East Coast chain Zinburger Wine & Burger has introduced the Pumpkin Stache Shake in its restaurants as a fundraising source in the fight against prostate cancer during the No Shave November event. Partnered with Zero -- The End of Prostate Cancer, Zinburger aims to help raising awareness of men's health issues with a fall-centric pumpkin-flavored milk shake.

Zero is a national nonprofit focused on fighting prostate cancer. It works to develop research, education, and support to families afflicted by the cancer. Other activities -- worthy, yes, but as tasty, perhaps no -- include sponsored runs and walks. Zinburger's shake is a combination of vanilla bean ice cream with its house-made pumpkin-pie filling, topped with pumpkin brittle and whipped cream.

All shakes are served with a "mustache straw" so you can keep that 'stache you got tattooed on your index finger away for the night. Although it is cute, it's probably a little much since you should come in with one of your own. Ladies, you know how much we love you when you look like the Pringles' guy while enjoying a nice shake like Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. A portion of the shake's sales will benefit Zero during No Shave November.

Zinburger Wine & Burger, 1800 Sawgrass Mills Circle, Suite 2460, Sunrise. Call 954-846-9360, or visit

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