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Alumni Say Broward's Private Schools Must Confront Racism

8 days ago by Naomi Feinstein
Alumni say the statements failed to adequately address the schools' responsibility to confront racism.

Broward Man Says Maskless Workers Violated County Rules

8 days ago by Joshua Ceballos
Home-security footage shows that at least three workers entered the apartment without any personal protective equipment.

A Push to Rename the City of Plantation as America Reckons With Its Racist Roots

8 days ago by Shanae Hardy
Dharyl Auguste created an online petition calling on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and city leaders to change Plantation's name.

In Infamous, Bella Thorne Tackles the Danger of Social Media — With Deadly Results

8 days ago by Carolina Del Busto
Bella Thorne talks about her role in the new film Infamous.

UF Students Renew Calls to Rename Buildings Honoring Segregationists

8 days ago by Alex DeLuca
After years of student-led efforts to rename the buildings, a new petition is circulating once again.

MC Jumanji Offers a Peek Behind Close Curtains, His New EP

23 days ago by David Rolland
MC Jumanji's new EP is more confessional and revealing than his previous work.

Fort Lauderdale Cop in March Shooting Has Long History of Use-of-Force Reviews

23 days ago by Alex DeLuca
Fort Lauderdale police Officer Robert Morris has been reviewed for 82 use-of-force incidents since he joined the department in 2006.

Lauderhill Vice Mayor Votes Against Resolution Supporting Black Lives Matter

26 days ago by Alexi C. Cardona
Lauderhill's vice mayor deemed a resolution voicing support for the Black Lives Matter movement "adversarial."

Treats Turns Ten: Exploring Sleigh Bells' South Florida Roots a Decade Later

26 days ago by Jessica Gibbs
Exploring Treats' South Florida roots ten years later.

J.F. Haden's Turns South Florida Mangos Into Booze

26 days ago by Laine Doss
J.F. Haden's turns local mangos into liqueur.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.