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UPDATED: Boca Raton News Shut Down

10 years ago by Bob Norman
At a staff meeting today, Boca Raton News Publisher informed the newspaper's staff of 24 people that the 54-year-old newspaper was being shut down immediately. Sunday's newspaper will be its last. The news was first reported by freelance writer and Boca Raton News columnist Jack Furnari on a Sun-Sentinel blog after...

Bad News

18 years ago by Bob Whitby
For a newspaper that hasn't made money in more than 20 years, the Boca Raton News sports some headquarters. "The Palace," as employees sneeringly refer to it, is a square office building nestled in arboreal splendor at 5801 N. Congress Ave. in Boca Raton. Past the $10,000 fountain that looks...

The House That Ska Built

12 years ago by Jonathan Cunningham
With the pace of the music world getting faster and faster by the download, it's easy to forget how important it is to slow down sometimes and just enjoy music for what it is. These days, you can get a brand new album sent to your cell phone before it...

Buried Treasure

19 years ago by John Anderson
So let's say the missing piece to your perfect record collection is the essential Ska Boo-Da-Ba by the Skatalites, an original Top Deck issue. Or let's say your triple-LP Grounation, by Count Ossie and his Mystic Revealers of Rastafari, met its end in that unfortunate bong incident. Or maybe the...

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