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Gov. Rick Scott Makes It Official: You Have Only Four Months to Legally Have Sex With Animals

8 years ago by Matthew Hendley
Sad news today for all of Florida's horse-humpers and goat-gropers -- you have only four more months to have sex with animals.Gov. Rick Scott today signed the Legislature's anti-bestiality bill -- Senate Bill 344 -- which makes it illegal for humans to get jiggy with other members of the animal...

Florida: Today Is the Last Day to Legally Have Sex With Animals

8 years ago by Matthew Hendley
Attention, Florida: Today is the last day to legally buck a bronco, hump a horse, grope a goat, or perform any other activities related to barnyard bangin'.Senate Bill 344, which bans "sexual contact" and "sexual conduct" with animals, goes into effect on Saturday.Unfortunately for animal sexers, several people have faced...

Those Who Practice Bestiality Say They're Part of the Next Sexual Rights Movement

10 years ago by Thomas Francis
During his sophomore year in high school, Cody Beck finally got fed up with hearing homophobic cracks. If his classmates thought being gay was weird (Beck was openly bisexual), he had a confession that would blow their minds. He told them he is sexually attracted to dogs and horses. "I...


Gilles Peterson might have the best job in music. Check out the Swiss-born Brit's CV, and you'll find bullet points along the lines of "globe-trotting DJ," "influential tastemaker," "arbiter of cool," and "hero of the underground." For almost two decades, Peterson has been digging through crates in dusty record shops...

Survey Says!

17 years ago by Tom Bowker
Some good records came out last year, nationally and regionally, by gum. They sure did. So we polled a bunch of local music lovers and compiled lists of their favorites. Some said they didn't listen to much new music; others said they didn't buy in albums in 2002, and some...



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