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Coral Springs Center for the Arts

Community Venues, Music Venues, Performing Arts Venues

First Church of Coral Springs

Religion and Spirituality

Coral Springs Comedy Club

Music Venues

CBMC Coral Springs Lunch

Thursday, December 12, 12:00PM @ Taverna Evia
Religion and Spirituality

Coral Springs Museum of Art

The state-of-the-art facility features laser light shows, astronomy, and telescope viewing after evening shows.

Midnight in Coral Springs

8 years ago by Erica K. Landau
A little bit of fin-de-siècle Paris will come to Coral Springs on Thursday when the Coral Springs Museum of Art presents "Toulouse-Lautrec and His 19th Century Mentors." A vibrant artistic era just before the turn of the 20th Century, fin-de-siècle Paris buzzed with counterculture, radical ideas, and the talented observers...

North Community Park in Coral Springs

Parks and Outdoors

Smashburger Opens in Coral Springs

8 years ago by Laine Doss
Smashburger, the burger chain that smashes your meat before grilling it to order and finishing it with your choice of a plethora of toppings, is opening its first South Florida location, in Coral Springs.The fast-casual restaurant opens Tuesday, November 15. A special reception the day before will feature food blogger/hamburger...

Coral Springs Time for Hitler

12 years ago by John Linn
With the Writers’ Guild strike still going strong, the concept of Mel Brook’s famous musical, The Producers seems more plausible than ever. In it, egotistical, Broadway producer Max Bailystock and his weasely accountant Leo Bloom concoct a scheme to steal a millions of dollars. How do they plan on grifting...

Pig Discrimination in Coral Springs?

7 years ago by Terrence McCoy
Update February 4, 2013: Heather Ray disputes Goehrig's version of events. She contends that she first wrote e-mails to the city announcing her intention to get a therapy pig, and the city told her it was not allowed. She claims she then researched the Americans with Disabilities Act and spoke...

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