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Donna Summer

12 years ago by Jonathan Cunningham
The date was July 12, 1979, and in Southside Chicago, disco music was on its way to a fiery death. It has since been billed as the "Day That Disco Died," and for good reason. Ninety thousand fans packed into Comiskey Park with their least favorite disco records, stormed the...

RIP: Donna Summer Dead at 63

8 years ago by Betsey Denberg
Donna Summer, the Queen of Disco, has passed away after battling cancer. Her family has confirmed that the singer died this morning in Florida. She was 63.Summer, real name LaDonna Gaines, is best known for such hits as "Last Dance", "Hot Stuff", and "Bad Girls". Summer was a five time...

Happy Birthday, the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin

8 years ago by Lee Zimmerman
At age 70, Aretha Franklin remains one of America's most iconic singers, a distinction that earned her the nickname "The Queen of Soul." Dubbed one of the greatest singers of all time by Rolling Stone, she's garnered a total of 20 Grammy Awards and 45 hits on the Billboard Hot 100,...

E-Cigarettes: Danger or Healthy Alternative?

7 years ago by Deirdra Funcheon
Like a little kid showing off her new toys, Donna Queen, a 50-year-old housewife from Coral Springs, giddily opens a black pouch and reveals her quiver of electronic cigarettes. One is covered in pink rhinestones that glitter like a disco ball. Another is decorated with a purple flower pattern. She...

Top 7 Record Stores in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

6 years ago by Liz Tracy
At the beginning of Record Store Day, there was Metallica. James Hetfield and the boys performed in 2008 at San Francisco's Rasputin Music. It was on that day that the third Saturday in April became somewhat sacred. Given that record stores are like temples for the musically obsessed, the event...

Battle of the Big Hair

10 years ago by Riki Altman
Friday, stylists representing nearly a dozen of Broward and Palm Beach’s posh hair salons will tousle, spray, twist, tease, and pouf to present what they claim to be the biggest, most unique hairdos around. Just realize they’re doing it for a better reason than getting high off the fumes: 100...

Nine Disco Songs That Don't Suck

8 years ago by Alex Rendon
Even though disco gets a bad rap for its index-finger-pointing moves and white polyester three-piece-suit fashion sense, the world of ever-trendy dubstep, techno, and house would be nowhere without its four-on-the-floor beat devotion and decadent party-till-sunrise excess. Disco was actually a hip underground scene, prevalent in gay and black nightclubs,...

New in Film: Whip It

10 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
Drew Barrymore, making her directorial debut, is blunt onscreen and off about her inspirations for this tale of an anguished debutante-turned-roller grrrl. Take a little bit of Peter Yates' Breaking Away (a teen townie trying to escape his humdrum existence and Dad on a ten-speed), toss in Adrian Lyne's Foxes...

Finding Gary, Part 1

14 years ago by Bob Norman
Donna Weaver didn't look down on the leaden Atlantic Ocean below. Fighting the three-headed nightmare of fear, mourning, and nausea, she didn't dare. Donna hated flying in even the largest jets, and this tin can hurtling above the Bahamas -- a claustrophobia-inducing cylinder stuffed to capacity with 19 passengers and...

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