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The Six Best Things To Do in South Florida This Weekend

1 year ago by Dale King
The weather outside got frightfully cold this week – even Floridians must endure the occasional cold snap. But the chilly nights won't last. And unlike the folks up north, who are feeling the true wrath of winter, we in South Florida have plenty of options for things to do beyond...

Allen West Suddenly So Concerned About Due Process, Condemns New Black Panther Party Ransom on George Zimmerman

9 years ago by Rich Abdill
​Congressman Allen West took to Facebook this afternoon to "vehemently condemn" the $10,000 bounty put out by the New Black Panther Party for the "citizen's arrest" of George Zimmerman, the man who shot Trayvon Martin.West called the ransom "reprehensible" and called on the Department of Justice to prosecute the group,...

Allen West Has Recount Request Denied

9 years ago by Chris Joseph
Allen West's lawyers got their hearing today to ask a judge for a full recount of all 37,379 early voting ballots in St. Lucie County. And at around 2:45 Friday afternoon, West was shot down by the judge. Again. Circuit Judge Dan Vaughn told West's attorneys that he doesn't have...

Allen West Said the Craziest Things! (Part One)

9 years ago by Chris Joseph
With the news that Allen West has given up his fight after he demanded a recount and then saw that his opponent got even more votes as a result of that recount and therefore conceded, we're happy but also sad. West's defeat is a win for America because, holy crap,...

Allen West Forms New PAC -- the "Allen West Guardian Fund." Who's Donating?

8 years ago by Fire Ant
Disgraced ex-military man and confessed torturer Allen West's sell-by date is long past. His 15 minutes should have been up when he conceded defeat in his race for reelection in Florida's 18th Congressional district last fall, after playing the victim card through a petulant few weeks of post-Election Day legal maneuvers.See...

Allen West Hates Coca-Cola's Super Bowl Ad

7 years ago by Laine Doss
Allen West, one-term congressman, Tea Party darling, and crusader against anything he deems "un-American," doesn't like Coca-Cola's Super Bowl ad. Not one bit. The... um... "distinguished gentleman" from South Florida blogged not once -- but twice -- about the Coke ad. According to West's first blog post last evening, the...

Allen West Campaign Speech: Noun, Verb, Nazi Germany

11 years ago by Thomas Francis
A polarizing Republican candidate, annoyed by the presence at a campaign rally of a videographer hired by his opposition, uses a metaphor that suggests a profound cultural insensitivity. Sound familiar?In 2006, during a vicious senatorial campaign in Virginia, Sen. George Allen jeered a videographer for his opponent's campaign, calling him...

Allen West a New Face for Sarah Palin

11 years ago by Lisa Rab
And so it begins. As Sarah Palin campaigns for 2012, she's already using Allen West as a symbol of the cringe-worthy change she will bring. Notice a theme among the newly elected GOP stars Palin's highlighting here. West and Marco Rubio hail from the political crucible of Florida, plus they...

Butterworth, Seiler, Allen to Serve as School Board Integrity Czars

12 years ago by Bob Norman
The Broward County School Board has gathered three influential men to look into its troubled construction department and other matters, new Board Member Kevin Tynan just told me. Apparently realizing that the problem is too big for it to handle, Superintendent James Notter has asked for, and received, the services...

Allen West Legal Circus Resumes, Draws Flies; Staff Issues Threat

9 years ago by Fire Ant
Veteran's Day honored confessed torturer Allen West by seeing the courts closed, allowing the disgraced former officer and his attorneys a day off from further embarrassing themselves. The legal maneuvers they've employed in lawsuits against local elections officials to stave off defeat in last week's congressional race are so ludicrous that...

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.