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Pellet-Gun-Toting Teens Hunt Iguanas for Cash in Neighborhood Where Pool Boy Was Shot

10 days ago by Manuel Madrid
Just weeks after a pool boy was accidentally shot by an iguana hunter in their neighborhood, two enterprising Boca Raton teens began stuffing mailboxes with flyers advertising the pair's extermination services.

Five Florida Companies Make Millions Thanks to ICE Contracts

1 month ago by Manuel Madrid
The political price of being a cog in the Trump administration's immigrant detention and deportation machine is getting steeper. Outrage over the callous treatment of immigrant families in the U.S. has distilled into outrage toward the companies willing to help the federal government carry out its anti-immigrant agenda.

The Best of Broward 2019

A sneak peek at Miami New Times' Best of Miami picks for Broward County in categories like best bar and best restaurant.

ICE Detainee Says He Was Stripped Naked, Straitjacketed, and Locked in Solitary

2 months ago by Manuel Madrid
β€œIt’s like a modern-day concentration camp.” ICE detainee Karamjit Singh says his time in Glade County Detention Center has brought him to the verge of suicide.

Parkland Cop Scot Peterson Fired and Arrested on 11 Criminal Charges Related to Shooting UPDATED

3 months ago by Jerry Iannelli
Scot Peterson, the Broward Sheriff's Office school resource officer who failed to protect Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students in the February 14, 2018 massacre, was fired today and arrested on 11 criminal charges related to his conduct the day of the shooting.

Where to Buy Medical Marijuana in Florida

3 months ago by Naomi Feinstein
Here's a list of every medical marijuana dispensary in Florida.

GEO Group's Own Shareholders Concerned About Human Rights in the Company's Prisons

3 months ago by Jerry Iannelli
GEO, a Boca Raton-based company now considered the largest private, for-profit prison firm in America, held an annual shareholder meeting today in New York City β€” and a majority of shareholders passed a resolution demanding that GEO better report human-rights policies and violations to investors.

Sexual Assault Is the Most Publicly Reported Crime on Cruises, but Companies Say It's Rare

4 months ago by Meg O'Connor
Jane woke up early. It was five days into the cruise, and the Celebrity Summit would be docked in Bermuda for the rest of the day before setting sail for New Jersey. The night before, the 19-year-old had gone to a show with her parents and her childhood best friend...

How the Murder of a Palm Beach Doctor Brought the United States and Cuba Together

5 months ago by Mike Clary
On July 19, 2015, detectives arrived at Ronald O. Schwartz's secluded Jupiter Farms home and found him lying on his bedroom floor, his head haloed by a pool of blood. Two back doors were open, and the entire house had been ransacked. A .40-caliber shell casing lay near him. The 65-year-old retired gynecologist and multimillionaire was dead.

Beehive Kitchen Reopens in Fort Lauderdale With Delivery Services, Will Open Boca Raton Location

7 months ago by Juliana Accioly
Fast-casual concept, Beehive Kitchen, has reopened its Las Olas and Cypress Creek locations with new services including delivery. The company has also announced it will open a Boca Raton location in early 2019.

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