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Vampires of Moscow

Night Watch (Fox Searchlight) Every once in a while, Hollywood needs somebody else to steal a genre and totally reimagine it; it keeps old ideas young, like celluloid Botox. Well, Hollywood's gonna need one big needle to absorb Night Watch, an insane, insanely cool Russian action/horror/sci-fi brew that's like nothing...

Moscow on the Gulf

22 years ago by Robin Dougherty
Crack open a playwright whose career has just gotten under way, and you'll more than likely find a dreamer wrestling with the ghost of Anton Chekhov. American theater festivals are littered with reinventions of The Three Sisters, the Chekhov classic in which characters saddled with longing speak of the day...

South Florida's Six Best CBD Cocktails

5 months ago by Nicole Danna
CBD has been creeping its way onto cocktail menus all over the country, and now you can find CBD-infused cocktails at bars all over South Florida.

Cohen Testifies Trump Lied Under Oath in Fort Lauderdale Tower Case

8 months ago by Bob Norman
In a stunning congressional hearing, Donald Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen testified the president lied under oath in a civil case involving the doomed Trump Tower and International Hotel project on Fort Lauderdale Beach. "Isn’t it true that President Trump misled at best or, at worst, lied under oath [in a Fort Lauderdale case deposition]?"...

Pompeya Brings Its '80s-Soaked Electro-Pop From Moscow to South Florida for a Stint of Tour Dates

3 years ago by David Rolland
Though the electro-pop trio Pompeya hail from Russia, they're about to make Florida their home for much of the month of May, with half a dozen shows scheduled up and down the Sunshine State. According to Pompeya's singer and guitarist Daniil Brod, though, there's not a huge difference musically between Miami...

South Florida's Best Russian Imperial Stouts

1 year ago by David Minsky
The bold, opaque Russian imperial stout is on the rise in South Florida. Local breweries such as Funky Buddha, LauderAle, and J. Wakefield are behind their own interpretations.

Jam with Joe Perry and Jason Bonham at Fort Lauderdale Rock 'n' Roll Camp

1 year ago by Jesse Scott
The Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp returns to its South Florida roots November 8 through 11 with Joe Perry and Jason Bonham.

Oceans 234 Launches New Menu Under Executive Chef Brian Cantrell

3 years ago by Nicole Danna
One of Deerfield Beach's most beloved waterfront dining destinations will unveil a new menu — and executive chef — today. When entrepreneur and Oceans 234 owner Danielle Rosse launched her vision for the beachside restaurant in 2001 just steps from the surf in Deerfield Beach, she helped set the area's...

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