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Tobi Lou Is Not an R&B Singer

4 months ago by Cristina Jerome
Tobi Lou won't fit in a box, and the last thing you will call him is an R&B singer. He's much more.

Fire at Sea Reveals Parallel Lives as the Refugee Crisis Hits Italy

2 years ago by Bilge Ebiri
There are two distinct movies in Gianfranco Rosi’s Fire at Sea, and you could say that somewhere in between them lies the real one. The director, an Italian documentarian whose observational films demonstrate a formal rigor that often brings them close to experimental cinema and installation work, has trained his...

Kubiat Nnamdie: Looking Glass,

Kubiat Nnamdie is an artist, photographer, and musician originally from Nigeria. He is based in the Lower East Side of New York, spending his formative years between Houston, Texas and North Miami, Florida. In his extensive examination of Miami’s natural habitat, Brazilian native Ernesto Kunde uses contrasting colors and abstract...

Breathe Shows That Nothing Is Scarier Than Teendom

3 years ago by Stephanie Zacharek
Friendships between women have the ambiguous vitality of growing vines: They can either strangle or nurture, and at times it can be hard to tell the difference. That's particularly true for young women first stepping into the puzzling gray area of rivalries and loyalties. How best to support your friends...

Art and Culture Center of Hollywood Has an Exciting Summer Planned

4 years ago by Abel Folgar
Miami's large tree has long overshadowed other artistic enterprises in South Florida. But if the tree image is to be pursued, then it is safe to assume the tree has entered the fall season and the leaves have begun to fall. With the flagship Art Basel now known more for...

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood, Palm Beach Airports Named Worst for Food

5 years ago by Laine Doss
There's no joy left in flying. You arrive at the airport rushed and cranky at least two hours before your scheduled flight so you can partially disrobe in front of strangers and get that brand new bottle of contact lens solution confiscated because it's slightly too large. Once you're past...

This Week in Beer News: Hindenburg Beer, France Gets Crafty, and 80 Years Since Prohibition Ended

5 years ago by David Minsky
Have you ever loved beer so much that you just want to marry it? We know the feeling. Too bad that beer's not a solid or else we'd be eating it for every meal. There's something special about this time of year. What does it have to do with beer?...

March Against Monsanto Benefit Show Tonight

6 years ago by Sara Ventiera
Obviously, people are pretty pissed about the lack of labeling on Genetically Modified Foods--a.k.a GMOs or GE foods. Since California's Proposition 37 failed last fall, anti-GMO groups across the country have rallied together to get labeling initiative put on state legislative agendas. Some have held up better than others--Florida's House...

Is Peanut Butter Racist?

7 years ago by Laine Doss
The Portland Tribune recently wrote about a program in Portland public schools called "courageous conversations", where educators attend training sessions and meetings designed to understand their own 'white privilege' so that they can "change their teaching practices to boost minority students' performance".The assumption that educators in the public school system...

Miami Mercenaries: International Security Business Is Booming in South Florida

6 years ago by Michael E. Miller
The cops lay motionless and silent on the sand — two ink stains on an already bruise-black night. Through night-vision goggles, they surveilled the concrete skeleton of a building in the distance. Covered in graffiti, it rose like a crumbling tombstone against the desolate Mexican desert. Behind broken windows flitted...

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