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Riviera Beach Revolution

12 years ago by Bob Norman
Hey, Frankelstein may have pulled it off (despite the Post's endorsement of her opponent, Al Zucaro), but it was a bad day for incumbents yesterday. Two were knocked loose from Cooper City after it was found out that they enjoyed a glass of wine or two before commission meetings and...

Riviera Beach Sweetheart

11 years ago by Bob Norman
Tiki bar owner Bob Gregory and Riviera Beach city officials have had it made in the shade for five years running. It's taxpayers who are getting burned. Gregory has run the popular Tiki Waterfront Sea Grill at the Riviera Beach Municipal Marina since 2003. The place occupies a prime piece...

Activist Jailed In Riviera Beach

13 years ago by Bob Norman
Lozman Fane Lozman was arrested at Riviera Beach City Hall last night for ... speaking at a commission meeting. Lozman, the houseboat-living activist who has been fighting the city to stop their eminent domain effort for a massive redevelopment of the city's waterfront area, was called up to the podium...

Naked Negotiation in Riviera Beach

11 years ago by Bob Norman
Nightclub owner Michael Goelz says he received an unusual request from Riviera Beach Commissioner Cedrick Thomas when he requested a meeting about his plan to take over the city marina's popular tiki bar. It involved nudity, the businessman says. "He asked me, 'How much do you want to spend on...

Riviera Beach Man Helped Invent Bitcoin

3 years ago by Deirdra Funcheon
Reports are saying that an ex-cop from Palm Beach Gardens is behind an incredible mystery that has fascinated the tech world for years.  Bitcoin is an experimental digital currency that uses open source software to transfer money instantaneously, without the need for banks or governments. Its creator first launched Bitcoin...

Letter: A Whistleblower's Farewell to the Riviera Beach Police Squad

8 years ago by Lisa Rab
This week's New Times cover story is an in-depth look at the corruption scandal that has rocked the Riviera Beach Police Department in the past two years. Veteran Detective Lee Ann Schneider is now awaiting trial for allegedly helping a supervisor pad his overtime, while Sgt. Michael Dodson has been...

Tenants of Riviera Beach Apartments Say Marco Rubio Is No Help

9 months ago by Molly Minta
A mop, a bucket, and bottles of bleach line the wall by the door in Kiara Canady‚Äôs barren, one-bedroom place at the Stonybrook Apartments in Riviera Beach. The slim African American 22-year-old says management at the housing complex located on Martin Luther King Boulevard just off I-95 mops the tile floor every...

In Riviera Beach Marina Vote, a Victory for the People

9 years ago by Lisa Rab
While most of the state saw red on Tuesday, voting in favor of developers and a millionaire governor, Riviera Beach won a victory for the people.Voters approved a referendum blocking a plan to lease a portion of the city's public marina to a private boat company, Rybovich. The marina battle...

Trayvon Martin's Father Speaks at Riviera Beach Rally

6 years ago by Fire Ant
The sun came out after a long day of rain Sunday evening, lighting the stained glass windows of Hill Top Missionary Baptist church in Riviera Beach, for a rally in memory of Trayvon Martin. Well past nightfall, Martin's father, Tracy Martin, spoke, but those present were still ablaze with quiet...

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