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Here's the PowerPoint That Made June Clarkson, Theresa Edwards, and "Robo-Signing" Infamous

7 years ago by Stefan Kamph
This week's feature is on two investigators who were kicked out of the Attorney General's Office a year ago but keep trying to uncover foreclosure fraud however they can.In late 2010, robo-signing was just making it to the public consciousness, a sign of our economic downfall in which overworked employees...

June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards Were Fired After Revealing Widespread Foreclosure Fraud

7 years ago by Stefan Kamph
June Clarkson went to Ernie's Bar-B-Q in Fort Lauderdale to have lunch with her supervisor, Bob Julian; and some coworkers. It was a Friday in May 2011, the end of a hectic workweek at the local economic crimes unit of the Office of the Attorney General. Clarkson, a small, lively...

June Clarkson Was Just Another Pissed-Off Neighbor After Being Sacked From AG's Office

7 years ago by Stefan Kamph
One day in November, June Clarkson stepped out her front door in Hollywood to see a Local 10 news van parked outside. They were filming a public-nuisance story on the property next door to hers, which had been in foreclosure for around two years and was now covered with unsightly,...

Banks Stole Houses Through Illegal Foreclosures, Lawsuit Reveals

6 years ago by Deirdra Funcheon
In a cover story last year, we told you about how a few Florida women were the ones who discovered how banks were screwing people out of billions of dollars through foreclosures of homes during the past decade's housing crisis. Banks resorted to robosigning and forged documents in order to...

Pam Bondi's Star Rises by Doing GOP's Dirty Work

4 years ago by Steve Miller
TV cameras encircled Pam Bondi outside Bennett's Fresh Roast, a quaint shop a block from the Caloosahatchee River in Fort Myers, one more stop on a statewide tour in the fall of 2014 with Gov. Rick Scott. Bondi flashed her trademark high-wattage grin, shook her blond locks into place, and...

Night + Day: Ten Things to Do in Broward and Palm Beach This Week

4 years ago by New Times Staff
Thursday, October 15 Acronyms, who doesn't love them? There's a new one to learn now that the Miami LGBT Film Festival has officially merged its name with the Fort Lauderdale edition to become MiFo — the Miami-Fort Lauderdale LGBT Film Festival. Formerly the Fort Lauderdale Gay & Lesbian Film Festival,...

Profile of a Predator

17 years ago by Susan Eastman
For 32 years, Luise Buettner marked the beginning of the tourist season with the arrival of the Joessmans, the Uoesers, Inga Koetz, and Karl Heinz. The Nuremberg-born motel owner catered to vacationers from her homeland. Herzlich Willkommen, read a sign in the office window of the Noble Motel Apartments, 3110...

Speak No Evil

11 years ago by Thomas Francis
Theresa Gerstner can recall how suspicion crept slowly into her mind. It was peculiar to see boys climbing into Rev. Neil Doherty's car for a trip to the movies. Then she learned the St. Vincent Catholic Church pastor took boys to his mother's house in West Palm Beach and even...

Short Cuts

22 years ago by Manuel Pila
The Artist Formerly Known as Prince Crystal Ball (NPG Records) "I've got grooves and grooves on the shelf," a cocky Prince boasted on 1990's best-selling Batman soundtrack. He wasn't kidding. Never a minimalist, His Royal Badness rarely seemed to lack inspiration or the means to capture it on tape. Following...

Bullet Bob

15 years ago by Eric Alan Barton
It was ten 'til five on a Wednesday evening when Lisa Sanchez's supervisor at the State Farm office in West Palm Beach asked for a volunteer to drop off some documents. The stop was on her way home, so Sanchez, a personal injury adjuster, raised her hand. She had no...

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