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Best Neighborhood Bar, Central Palm Beach County

Sweetwater Bar & Grill

This small but cozy craft cocktail bar serves drinks with fresh herbs, spices, bitters, shrubs, and infusions. Shelves are filled with unique ingredients (somewhat reminiscent of an old apothecary), and with these co-owner/bartender Sean Iglehart creates jaw-dropping drinks like a chemist in a lab. One of the biggest hits on...
Best Of Winner

Best Place to Spend a Rainy Day

Eat the Tea

Walk into this charming tea shop and owner Maureen Ruggeri will take care of you. Opened on the full moon in September 2012, Eat the Tea focuses on tea's mystical healing powers. Ruggeri studied teas and their uses across cultures and throughout history and considers hers to be elixirs. She...
Best Of Winner

Best Beer Selection

Riverside Market

Riverside epitomizes the basement bar hangout in an area where basements don't exist. Although most restaurants have begun to offer craft beer, the Market still does it best with coolers stretching across the walls, tempting shoppers with more than 500 different beers from all across the world. The self-service is...
Best Of Winner

Best Martini

Timpano Italian Chophouse

Lots of people serve martinis, but all are not created equally. Proper martinis are little treasures. Timpano Italian Chophouse does martinis right—maybe due to its inviting setting and friendly staff, or maybe because of quality ingredients. The Lemon-Drop Martini is a crowd favorite, as is the Three Olives Martini that...
Best Of Winner

Best Florist

Field of Flowers Davie

In addition to bouquets filled with lilies, sunflowers, roses, carnations, and hydrangeas, this store features a flower bar — the perfect place to get crafty. The interactive experience allows guests to create their own arrangements with step-by-step instructions from a floral expert. Choose to create an arrangement with pre-picked flowers...
Best Of Winner

Best Bookstore

Murder on the Beach

The best bookstores offer a sense of community. You want to feel like the staff has read everything in the store and can predict what you're in the mood for just by getting a whiff of your cologne. When it comes to books about death and intrigue, store manager Joanne...
Best Of Winner

Best Swap Shop Vendor

El Tiburon Seafood Restaurant & Grill

We'll admit that hearing the words "cash-only ceviche" and "Swap Shop" in the same sentence may sound like the formula for a rip-roarin' case of vibrio. But head to the west side of the Swap, beyond the God Is Good Shoe Store (where the motto is "Nothing Comes Before the...
Best Of Winner

Best Place for a Kid's Birthday Party

Davie Ranch

"Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys" is what the old song teaches, but there's no harm in letting your kid celebrate a birthday in the countryside — which is exactly what Davie Ranch allows. The ten-acre equestrian facility is the anti-Chuck E. Cheese. There is a...
Best Of Winner

Best Drag Queen


There is a freedom that drag queens have that the rest of us simply don't — at least not without a properly boozy happy hour. The glamour, the glitter, and the glitz allow certain men, regardless of size, to transform themselves into daring divas dripping in confidence. Over the years,...
Best Of Winner

Best AM Radio Personality

Channing Crowder, 560 WQAM

Between 2005 and 2010, when Channing Crowder was busting skulls for the Miami Dolphins as their middle linebacker, fans knew he was a character. Crowder's stint with the Fins was a brief one, but he left a lasting impression as a guy who would mix it up by getting under...

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