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Testing the Poisonous Algae That Is Smothering the Everglades

6 hours ago by Jess Nelson
Scientists are testing cyanobacteria in the Caloosahatchee River to better understand how harmful algar blooms develop and why.

Surf Film Fest Will Screen Death-Defying Stunts at Fort Lauderdale's Savor Cinema

11 hours ago by Luis Gomez
The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival will present Surf Film Fest at Savor Cinema this week. The series consists of six "adventurous and inspiring" surfing movies including And Two if By Sea and Heavy Water.

Lil Wayne and Blink-182 Touring Together Makes Perfect Sense

11 hours ago by Anna Hopkins
Lil Wayne might not be enthusiastic about his tour with Blink-182, but his fans and those of the pop-punk group might have more in common than he thinks.

The Farewell Director Lulu Wang on the "Surreal" Experience of 100% Fresh

1 day ago by Hans Morgenstern
Writer/director Lulu Wang is having a 100% Fresh moment on Rotten Tomatoes. The Farewell marks only the second film by the New World School of the Arts alum, who grew up in Miami after emigrating from Beijing with her family when she was 6. She now lives in Los Angeles but recently returned to her former hometown to work the hype for the followup to her 2015 debut feature, Posthumous.

Animal Advocates Petition to Stop "Government-Sanctioned Massacre" of Florida Iguanas

1 day ago by Jessica Lipscomb
If you've lived in Florida long enough, you know neon-green iguanas are just part of the scenery — no different from an anti-abortion billboard or an O.J. Simpson sighting. But green iguanas are actually an invasive species. Earlier this month, state wildlife officials made national news after announcing that, yes, it is in fact perfectly legal to kill an iguana for setting foot on your land.

Korn and Alice in Chains Represent a Different Kind of '90s Nostalgia

1 day ago by David Rolland
Nineties nostalgia is real. Simply look at recent reunion tours by the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block. Though  it’s an odd sight to watch middle-aged men perform synchronized dances in matching yet individualized outfits, the phenomenon does makes sense.

Hollywood Residents Want North and South Lakes Designated as Recreational Areas, Restricting Anchoring

1 day ago by Naomi Feinstein
Hollywood residents claim anchored boats on North and South Lakes are becoming eyesores and environmental hazards. They want the lakes designated as recreational areas.

The Five Best Dive Bars in Hollywood

2 days ago by Falyn Freyman
Pull up a well-worn stool, order a cold glass of the usual, and read on for our picks of Hollywood's five best dive bars.

Army Corps Admits to Dumping Toxic Water Into Florida Estuaries

5 days ago by Joshua Ceballos
An official from the Army Corps of Engineers confirmed yesterday what people have known for years: the Corps has been dumping toxic water from Lake Okeechobee into local estuaries without warning the populace.

Here Are the Greater Fort Lauderdale Month 2019 Participating Restaurants

5 days ago by Celia Almeida
Here is the full lineup of Greater Fort Lauderdale Restaurant Month participants.

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