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The Six Best Things To Do in South Florida This Weekend

1 hour ago by Dale King
The weather outside got frightfully cold this week – even Floridians must endure the occasional cold snap. But the chilly nights won't last. And unlike the folks up north, who are feeling the true wrath of winter, we in South Florida have plenty of options for things to do beyond...

Carnival Has More Sexual Assault Reports Than Any Other Cruise Line, Statistics Show

5 hours ago by Alexi C. Cardona
Since 2016, Carnival has consistently reported the most incidents.

Inaugural Brews at the Beach Festival on Tap in Fort Lauderdale

1 day ago by Jesse Scott
Unlimited samples and bottomless beer — you read that right. Brews from more than 50 breweries will be showcased this weekend for the inaugural Brews at the Beach Festival in Fort Lauderdale.

New Documentary Suggests Sunrise Police Taser Shock Led to Black Teen's Drowning

1 day ago by Manuel Madrid
Whether Martin's drowning was accidental is the defining question.

The Ten Best Christmas 2019 Events in South Florida

1 day ago by Luis Gomez
South Florida is no winter wonderland, but it has its own holiday traditions — from a 700-ton Christmas tree made of sand to a 12-mile holiday boat parade — that make Christmas in South Florida unique.

Fort Lauderdale's Iconic Pier 66 Turns 54 Amid Redesign

1 day ago by William Flood
Seeing the space-age tower conjures images of the Jetsons. The spire-topped Pier 66, with its revolving rooftop restaurant, is a mid-century icon. Now it and the marina it calls home are under massive redevelopment. Pier 66’s iconic styling is known as “Googie”, coined after the futuristic lines of Googie’s coffee...

Waves Director Trey Edward Shults Talks Personal Storytelling and Filmmaking in Florida

2 days ago by Juan Antonio Barquin
Trey Edward Shults, the director of "Krisha" and "It Comes at Night," discusses his latest movie, "Waves," which is set in South Florida.

Coral Springs Comics Shop Calls It Quits Even as D&D Thrives

2 days ago by Dan Evans
Loot Comics & Games sits in a strip mall in Coral Springs, wedged between a bakery, a barber, and a pain clinic specializing in back and neck issues. Or, rather, it sat there, having closed for good November 22 after a three-and-a-half-year run. A hastily drawn sign on the door...

Brightline Is the Deadliest Train Per Mile in America, According to the AP

2 days ago by Jerry Iannelli
Brightline has killed people at a constant and startling clip.

Poison’s Brett Michaels, at 56, Wants to Be "Bad-Ass Good Guy"

3 days ago by Wendy Rhodes
Brett Michaels likes to party. Not chill-out-with-friends-and-smoke-a-joint kind of partying. Charlie Sheen-level partying. “I’m talking knock-down, drag-out, three-day benders that were crazy fun,” Michaels says of memories — or the lack thereof — of getting crazy in South Florida. “A few that are blurry... but I love Florida, and I...

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