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Brooke Candy Is Ready for Her First South Florida "Sexorcism"

3 days ago by Chris Malone
Brooke Candy is finally celebrating the release of her debut album, and she's ready to perform a "Sexorcism" at her upcoming show in Wilton Manors.

Face Your Fears at South Florida's Haunted Houses

3 days ago by Luis Gomez
With Halloween around the corner, we take a look at South Florida's scariest haunted houses.

The Potent Nostalgia of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' Greatest Hits

4 days ago by Howard Hardee
Classics such as "Free Fallin'" and "Into the Great Wide Open" and "I Won't Back Down" are potently nostalgic, like childhood distilled into music.

Moonlight Producer Andrew Hevia Struggled to Make His Art Basel Hong Kong Documentary

4 days ago by Hans Morgenstern
"Moonlight" producer and Borscht Corp. cofounder Andrew Hevia's documentary "Leave the Bus Through the Broken Window" examines Art Basel’s nascent Hong Kong fair and how it relates to that city’s artists.

The Ten Best Things to Do in South Florida This Week

4 days ago by Jesse Scott
Thursday Who’s ready to gamble for a good cause? The Fort Lauderdale-based law firm Freedland Harwin Valori is sponsoring a Poker Tournament on Thursday at Carolina Ale House in Weston. Proceeds from the event benefit Harvest Drive Florida, which provides necessities to Broward County Public Schools’ families throughout the year...

Five Things That Are Sure to Cheer Up Depressed Miami Dolphins Fans

5 days ago by Ryan Yousefi
Perhaps you have heard the news — the Miami Dolphins are *not* having a superfantastic football season. They are not the greatest football team, and they most definitely are not moving the ball from goal to goal like no one has ever seen.

The Seven Best Things to Do This Weekend in South Florida

5 days ago by Dale King
The theater scene reigns triumphant this weekend as a powerful production drafted by an iconic playwright opens the season in downtown West Palm Beach. Two other stage performances are continuing their runs, one in Boca Raton, the other in Delray Beach. But not all the area action this weekend takes...

The Eight Best Restaurants in Pompano Beach

5 days ago by Juliana Accioly
Pompano Beach's food scene bursts with multicultural talent at long-running mainstays such as Cafe Maxx, with its unique fusion of global fare, and newcomers such as Le Vie Lebanese, where guests feel like they're breaking bread in the Arabian desert.

After Hurricane Dorian, Miami Carnival Shines a Spotlight on the Bahamas

6 days ago by Julienne Gage
The 35th-annual Miami Carnival has taken on a special resonance after Hurricane Dorian decimated parts of the Bahamas.

Greyhound Advocate Says Lawsuit to Overturn Racing Ban Is a "Slap in the Face to Voters"

6 days ago by Manuel Madrid
The greyhound industry isn't taking defeat well. After unsuccessfully suing to keep a measure banning dog racing off the Florida ballot last year, greyhound breeders and trainers are headed back to court. This time, they're arguing that the ban — approved by 69 percent of state voters in the 2018 election — strips their dogs of their earning potential.

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